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The best of the Original Big Bands of the 1930's & 40's including standards and jazz broadcast worldwide.

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Chris ValentiJan EberlePeggy KingDon KennedyDavid Miller
Chris Valenti,  Jan Eberle,  Perky Peggy King,  Don Kennedy,  David Miller
Ronnie AllenJeff KarpinskiHarry and EdnaGlenn Robison
 Ronnie Allen,   Jeff Karpinski,   Harry and Edna,   Glenn Robison

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Our Big Band packages are one of a kind, and are truly that. They are our own original productions and are not sold anywhere.

These aren't just the records we've heard before. They are the stars themselves bringing us into the time when they recorded them and in their own candid words.

You may have already enjoyed some of our award winning productions since we've made a good number of them available to the public for free.

If you haven't, here they are.

But for those of you who have already enjoyed them please help us.

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The production packages:

$25 Donation - Two Great CD's

The Two Big Band Rivals... Artie and Benny!

1. Artie Shaw Interview with all of his biggest hits!

Artie ShawArtie Shaw and His Orchestra

The King of the Clarinet! With special guests.

2. Martha Tilton Interview

Martha TiltonMartha Tilton & Benny Goodman

Stories, records, & live performances with herself and The King of Swing Benny Goodman! And more.

Two Great CD's


$50 Donation

Kitty Kallen Interview

Kitty KallenKitty Kallen

This very special Kitty Kallen interview not only includes her very candid comments on losing her voice at one time, but also her records and her comments about Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James, live broadcasts and also some of her best known hits from the 50's. Great show!

And you ALSO get:

1. Artie Shaw Interview

2. Martha Tilton Interview

Three Great CD's


$75 Donation

Patty Andrews Interview 

The Andrews SistersWith Bud & Lou Costello

It's all about The Andrews Sisters and hearing all of their greatest hits. And she talks about Bud & Lou Costello, Harry James and everyone else. Great show! And has been sold all around the world as well as ALL of our other productions. Not sold anywhere anymore.

And you ALSO get:

1. Artie Shaw Interview

2. Martha Tilton Interview

3. Kitty Kallen Interview

Four Great CD's


$125 Donation

You get the Whole Historical Package!

Aside from getting everything above...

1. Artie Shaw Interview

2. Martha Tilton Interview 

 3. Patty Andrews Interview 

4. Kitty Kallen Interview

 You also get 4 extra bonuses....

The Jo Stafford Interview 

Jo Stafford with Frank Sinatra & The Pied PipersJo Stafford

Primarily about her days with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra with the Pied Pipers and Frank Sinatra which until this point has almost gone undocumented. Great records, great stories!

The Bea Wain Interview

Bea WainLarry Clinton

 All of her hits with the Larry Clinton Orchestra. Plus all of her memories. Amazing show!

The Frances Langford Interview 

Frances LangfordFrances Langford with Bob Hope

Very very special production as we get to not only hear her thoughts, but also her records as well as some soundtrack pieces from some of her many films. A most requested program!


Doris Day's last interview!

Les Brown with Doris DayDoris at time of interview looking great!

The Doris Day last interview is quite an anomaly to say the least. It was produced when Les Brownwas celebrating his 85th birthday and Doris couldn't resist being a part of it. This program has Les Brown commenting on his records throughout, as well as Doris who goes deeply into her movie career. Plus Steve Allen who worked with Les as well as vocalist Butch Stone who was a vocalist with the band from '42 until his recent departure in 2009.

8 Great Productions!

Act now and we'll also throw in the Connie Haines Interview!

Connie with Frank SinatraConnie Haines

Here is Connie with Frank plus her studio portrait.

Her live broadcasts with the Harry James Orchestra as well as her hit records with Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra with the Pied Pipers. And some very candid personal moments in her life. Very touching tribute.

9 Great Productions! 

Many hours of listening enjoyment. Not only of these stars greatest hits, but their commentary, making them all very truly special. A one of a kind. Not sold in stores or anywhere else.

All for just a $125 donation to keep this going.

The specific amount of your donation will let us know which CD's to ship and also to thank you for your support in allowing us to keep this great American traditon of The Big Bands alive! Thank you.

Your donation goes towards supporting specifcally the propagation and continuous support and promotion of this popular American music produced during the The Big Band Era whose years were specifically 1935-1945. Broadcasting is expensive and any help would greatly be appreciated.

Please lets not let THIS Big Band outlet go away like all the rest.

If yourself and/or your organization truly appreciates The Big Band Era, its music and values, and are truly interested in being part of keeping this great music and everything about it alive, please donate what you can by clicking our 'Donate' button below. Or contact WYYR for more specifics.

Any amount will go a very very long way. Thank you & God bless.  


Glenn MillerHarry JamesCab CallowayJimmy DorseyLouie ArmstrongLes Brown with Doris DayFrances LangfordSammy KayeThe Ink SpotsThe ModernairesBing CrosbyTex BenekeTommy DorseyFrank SinatraBob EberlyHelen ForrestRay eberleyKitty KallenBunny BerriganGene KrupaConnie HainesAlvino ReyThe Mills BrothersThe Andrews SistersAnita O'DayKeely SmithBillie EckstineCount_BasieDickHaymesVincent LopezWoody HermanHelen O'Connell