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Chris ValentiJan EberlePeggy KingDon KennedyDavid Miller
Chris Valenti,  Jan Eberle,  Perky Peggy King,  Don Kennedy,  David Miller
Ronnie AllenJeff KarpinskiHarry and EdnaGlenn Robison
 Ronnie Allen,   Jeff Karpinski,   Harry and Edna,   Glenn Robison


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WYYR.com -YesterYear Radio Schedule

All WYYR programs focus on the greatest era of American Popular Culture, the era of the Big Bands and everything that comes with it... the values, the people, the stars, and especially the music. WYYR listeners from across the globe feel we have the best ensemble of programs and on air personalities and stars with the knowledge and spirit needed to convey the deeply rooted feelings of Our Greatest Generation. 

WYYR's Schedule of Programs

Friday: The Swing Museum - with star Jan Eberle - 9PM EST  followed by...

A Bing Crosby radio broadcast then Horace Heidt's America Swings.

Saturday: The Big Band Broadcast - with host Chris Valenti - Live 9PM EST

Sunday: Harry & Edna On The Wireless - with hosts Harry & Edna from the UK - 7PM EST 

Monday: Miller On Mondays - with host Glenn Miller Historian Jeff Karpinski - 9PM EST

Tuesday: Swinging Down The Lane - with David Miller - 9PM EST followed by...

Rapidly Rotating Records - with Glenn Robison.

Wednesday: TV Confidential - with Ed Robertson - 9PM EST

___________  Program Details  _____________ 

The Swing Museum @ 9PM EST Fridays with Jan Eberle

Jan EberleRay Eberle

Jan Eberle and her dad Glenn Miller's #1 singer Ray Eberle

Swing Museum with Jan Eberle celebrates the very best of Big Band, Standards and Jazz. As a "second generation-er" and performer (daughter of big band singing balladeer, Ray Eberle and niece of baritone crooner, Bob Eberly), I've been blessed with a unique understanding and incredible passion for this Era. One of the things I enjoy most about this show is bringing snippets of history and rare tidbits about the artists and music... some personal.

Here's a word from your Swing Museum host Jan Eberle 

Visit the Official Jan Eberle website: JanEberle.com

The Swing Museum Archives

Immediately followed by:

A special Bing Crosby radio broadcast

Bing Crosby

then its time for

America SwingsHorace Heidt, Jr.

The Big Band Broadcast @ 9PM EST (EDT) Saturdays

The only 'All Request' Big Band radio program broadcast worldwide!

Chris ValentiThe Big Bands

With Your Host Chris Valenti - About the show     

It's all email and live call-in requests. What's unique is that every 78 rpm record played is a request!

The only one of its kind. Click here on how to make a request. 

Plus, the last Saturday monthly features, 'The Top Five Countdown' with Ronnie Allen.

Ronnie AllenThe Top Five Countdown 

The top five email requests sent in from around the world for the month are tabulated by the man who worked closely with Casey Kasem... Mr. Ronnie Allen.

Here is 'The Top 5 Countdown' show opener:

The Big Band Broadcast Archives

 Off The Cuff

... with our very special guest star Pretty Perky Peggy King!

Peggy King Star on the Hollywood Walk of FamePeggy KingPeggy King & George GobelPeggy King

Peggy Kings 'Off The Cuff' aired on WYYR.com from June 2011 to September 2013 and presented over 50 guest stars. Peggy King is a televison star who was also the singer and actress on the 1950's George Gobel TV show. She also garnered one of the first 100 stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Here's a WYYR one of a kind exciting program that features the never before told backstage stories about every star we've ever known from the 1930's, 40's and 50's. Occasionally major stars are also guests, and these amazing and provocative recollections come to light with with a This Is Your Life type segment.   

Peggys WYYR Off The Cuff Archive Page

Here's the 'Off The Cuff ' show opener: 

Sundays is Harry & Edna On The Wireless @ 7PM EST 

 with hosts Harry & Edna from the UK

 Harry and EdnaHarry and Edna 

From the U.K. is Harry and Edna on the Wireless. It is an hour long bi-weekly radio show hosted by husband & wife team Harry & Edna. Their Website describes the program as a look At The Current British 1930's -1940's scene through a steamed-up monocle. Harry & Edna On The Wireless is set to a back drop of 'tip top' recorded gramophone music while stylish guests and big band artists help ensure a sense of old fashioned well-being. Inside knowledge of this greatest generations lifestyles and music as lived today in the UK cannot be heard anywhere else.

Harry and Edna Archive Page

Tuesdays @ 9PM EST

Swinging Down The Lane with David Miller

David MillerSwinging Down The LaneDavid Miller

I am dedicated to keeping the big band sound alive. New generations are thrilling to Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and of course the illustrious Duke Ellington.  Somehow swing music went into hibernation for a while, as vocalists like Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Rosemary Clooney and Perry Como stole the spotlight away. Determined to keep the old sound alive, I accumulated a collection of over 9,000 recordings. With such a rich resource at my fingertips, it was a natural step to inaugurate a weekly radio program, which went on the air in 1983 and is now carried by over 40 National Public Radio stations. Stop by often. We’re determined to make this your single best source of Big Bands on WYYR.com

Immediately followed by:

Glenn Robison's Rapidly Rotating Records

 78 RPMGlenn Robison

Rapidly Rotating Records presents "vintage" music from rapidly rotating 78RPM records of the 1920s and 30s and "music to which you can't NOT tap your toes!" Host Glenn Robison plays roaring twenties hot dance bands, 30s sweet bands, show tunes, novelty tunes, blues, jazz and more on labels from Aeolian to Zonophone! Each show's five segments revolves around a theme such as a composer, songwriter or artist's birthday, a historical event or even a bit of trivia. Glenn also presents discographical information and carefully researched background information about the songs, artists and composers. "RRR" is in its 14th year of production and is proud to extend YesterYear Radio's reach even further back to the 1920s.

Here's Glenn about the program:

Glenn Robison's Rapidly Rotating Record Archive Page

Wednesdays @ 9pm EST 

Ed Robertson's TV Confidential

TV Confidential

Ed Robertson

About TV Confidential:

Here's an opportunity to reminisce about our favorite TV shows and hear from some of our favorite TV and film personalities. TV Confidential often focuses on classic shows from the 1950s, '60s, '70s, '80s and even today. Previous guests include Barbara Feldon, Monty Hall, Bill Daily, Rose Marie, Barry Livingston, George Maharis, Pat Harrington, Julie Newmar, Stacy Keach, Dee Wallace, Lee Meriwether, and more.

The YesterYear Countdown

Ronnie AllenTop Recordings

The 'Countdown Man' Ronnie Allen's special program entitled The YesterYear Countdown has gained worldwide notariety here on WYYR.com. This program always featured a special Countdown of a special week within the years of 1950 to 1955 based on the charts and particularly the pop standards of the day. Ronnie continually comes back with special countdown shows and is always a part of the Big Band Broadcast's Top 5 Countdown the last Saturday of each month.

Ronnie's YesterYear Countdown Archive Page

 The first Monday every other month @ 9PM est is...

Miller On Mondays with host Jeff Karpinski

Special programming that comes around once every two months!

Glenn MillerJeff KsrpinskiGlenn Miller

Miller On Mondays features two hours of Glenn Miller music with commentary from world recognized Big Band writer and historian Jeff Karpinski with occasional special guests. Plus archival and never before heard Glenn MIller recordings. 

The Miller On Mondays Archive page

Don Kennedy's Big Band Jump

Legendary DJ Don Kennedy

Don KennedyBig Band JumpDon Kennedy

Here's Don about Big Band Jump

BIG BAND JUMP was a two hour weekly program that thrilled our audience around the world for several years. Unfortunately it was towards the end of this special shows run. So after 27 years of production, in September 2013 Big Band Jump ceased production. We cannot thank Mr. Don Kennedy enough for his talents, knowledge, and entertaining personality that drove this program for so many years.

We are proud to still have him here at his WYYR.com archives with a few dozen hand picked Big Band Jumps. As always, each are a full two hours. Enjoy your Big Band Jump listening!

Don Kennedy's Big Band Jump Archive Page


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